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I was blessed with the awesome opportunity of being a job developer for a non profit organization. I worked with ex-offenders. Our goal was to help them build a new life after incarceration.

I had no problem identifing with my clients. We are all ex-offenders. We all are guilty of sin and rebellion. When we accept Christ as our Savioir we are pardoned because of the blood He shed for us on the cross. We have been given a new life in Him.

On that note, I decided to include a page here dedicated to helping broken people rebuild their lives.

Some of these links will be ministry related, others will be community non-profit groups. These links are posted here as a service to those who need them. I hope these links will a blessing to all who visit them.


United Prison Ministries International

Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

American Correctional Chaplains Association

Jewish Prisoner Services International

Kairos Prison Ministry