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Some sources tell us that less than 5% of the Native American population is Christian. Many Native Americans have been angered and hurt by the way Christianity has been presented to them. 

In the past, the banner of Christ has been used to assimulate Native Americans into the dominate culture.   The message of the new covenant was brought to them by covenant breakers who often used scripture to justify "Manifest Destiny".  Their children were taken from their families and sent off to boarding schools. The attrocities committed against these people are too numerous to mention here.

Yet they are a beautiful people. There is much wisdom in their culture. We have been missing out by not listening to them.

Native American Christians have much to offer to the body of Christ. They are fellow warriors battling along side us to further advance the kingdom of God. The Lord is even sending them to other nations as missionaries. (For more information about missionairies visit the Wiconi International web site posted to the right.)

Be a part of a national prayer movement.

Pray for spiritual protection for Native American Pastors and those in Native American Ministry. Visit the First Nations Monday web-site and subscribe to their 53 week prayer guide.

Pray for salvation for all Native Americans and First Nations people. Pray that God would raise up more laborers among those of native descent to minister to their own people, to other nations, and to us.

Visit the websites I have posted on the right to learn more about this vital ministry.

Support them with prayers and offerings.

Start a prayer group at your home church. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Join some egroups. Spend time "listening". Wait before you post. Learn who these people are.

Ask the Lord to reveal to you what is clean and what is unclean. Remember -- The Apostle Paul was a jew to the jews and a greek to the greek. We are told to turn from our sins -- not from our culture.

Any comments or questions, visit my "contact us page" to send me an e-mail, or write me.

For more information about Native American Ministries visit these web sites:

First Nations Monday

Wiconi International

Warriors for Christ

1000 Tipis (website)

1000 Tipis (e-group @ injesus)